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January 2011

Have you made new year’s resolutions yet? Are you keeping those that you made? It’s a well known fact that New Year’s resolutions are kept no more than three to four weeks! That isn’t even enough time to make it a habit!

Typical resolutions made in January that fade in February include to lose weight, exercise more, spend more time with family, meditate regularly, email or blog less. What were your resolutions to begin this new year and new decade?

It’s not so surprising that we want to change or improve our lives by promising to do something new or omit something old. It’s a good thing to alter the things in our lives that we’re unhappy about or that we want to add to our lives. January is a good place to start.

However, what if we ask our parent, best friend, spouse, or even God what they want us to change, improve or begin this year? The answer might be different than what we imagine.

What in your life is seeking a change? Can you keep that resolution longer than a month?