C IS FOR CAPE COD children’s book. Order it at http:www.Islandportpress.com/c-is-for-cape-cod.html

A children’s alphabet book about Cape Cod with stunning photographs by award winning Cape Cod Times photographer, Steve Heaslip. A four-line rhyme appeals to preschoolers, with test that informs youth and adults of 26 sites and sea dwellers around the peninsula.


Seasons Rising A Collection of Haiku was published before Christmas 2009 and is available her web site www.ChristinaCapeWriter.com or by phone order (508-540-0762).

The sensitive, vivid images of Cape Cod scenes and places she has visited across the country portray a variety of emotions and pictures in each haiku. Using the three line Japanese form of poetry, Christina has brought sensitive and common elements into this unique form of verses. She wrote a preface describing haiku and how American haiku has developed over the three decades. Each haiku is superimposed over duo-chrome illustrations by photographer Lily Kuo. The color photos make up an strikingly exquisite collage for the cover.

Artfully written, designed (by Nick Zelinger of NZ Graphics) and produced, this collection of haiku – a small representation of the poet’s full work – makes a desired gift to add to one’s book shelf or coffee table. Author of a Young Adult ghost story, several children’s books, a memoir and an inspirational book, she is presently working on a murder mystery.

Inspiration Interludes

Christina’s first book, Inspiration Interludes,contains 30 short devotional-type pieces with brush paintings by the author. Her inspirational devotions reflect the creativeness of people as she relates simple every day images in poetic language to inspire the reader to relax, meditate and enjoy.

For an example of her writing, please see the “Inspiration Interlude” page.

For $6.50 the book is available by mail through the contact page. A donation of $5.00 is tax deductible because the book was written as a fund raiser to support the Pen Arts building in the Dupont Circle area of Washington, DC, Which is the headquarters of the National League of American Pen Women, Inc. (a 501-C3 organization)

Oil Spill
After the rainfall
the old dirt road leading to the beach
is a chain of puddles.
At the end a new sign
The spruce-lined inlet
smells of low tide and
black mud.

Cape Cod evening sunset
stains the water rose
as the white island ferry
plunges through the rolling surf.
On the foredeck
three giggling girls
spit cherry pits.