Christina's Official PhotoChristina received a Master of Divinity degree in 1990 from Boston University, School of Theology, and was ordained in 1992. She served as a deacon in various churches in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, and she eventually became a Hospice chaplain.

While raising a family in Needham and Wellesley, she wrote short stories for her children which has continued for her seven grandchildren.

Following her retirement, she moved to Cape Cod, where she still finds inspiration in the sounds of the ocean, the smell of the salt air, and the squish of the soft sand beneath her feet.

In 2006 she published an interdenominational devotional booklet, Inspiration Interludes to benefit the historic Pen Arts building in the Dupont section of Washington, DC. The 1887 building belongs to the National League of American Pen Women, Inc., for which Christina has served as National chaplain. She is a past president of the Wellesley and the Cape Cod branches of the League. She is also a member of the Haiku Society of America, the Cape Cod Writers Center, Sisters in Crime, and Women Ministers of New England.

Christina presently volunteers at a local hospital which reflects her continued dedication to her ministry. Devoted to her family, she also spends time babysitting for her seven grandchildren. She is still an avid skier!

Teaching Experience

  • Wellesley Public Schools, special English programs/Haiku
  • Manchester, CT, community College Lectures
  • Numerous schools and colleges
  • Churches in the Boston and Concord. NH, areas

Workshops and Retreats

  • “Women in Transition” – Women constantly undergo transitions – in marriage, divorce, raising children, empty nest, aging parents,  moving households, changing jobs. Sometimes support is hard to find at these times of unexpected changes or reactions to these changes. Sections include: Facing Transitions, Creative Thinking: Plan Your Transition to Completion, Mindful Walk, Partnering, and Closing Ritual.
  • “Spirituality of Waiting” – In this 21st century, life moves so fast and son many demands are placed on our lives. Answers to our questions and needs don’t always come easily or quickly. This retreat looks at why we wait, how we can wait, and the spiritual practice of waiting. Included are aids in how to wait with patience and expectation. For spiritual or secular groups.
  • “Prayer in Practical Lives” – “When you pray,” Jesus said, “go to a quiet place.” But our lives are so busy and so many demands pull us in different directions. Often we don’t have skills to do what He asked. How we pray and what we ask for are as important as now often and where we practice this discipline. The attitude of our hearts also figures into this practice. This retreat looks at ways to incorporate prayer into busy lives and practical help in the ‘doing’.
  • “Meditation Moments” – A spiritual discipline of many mystics and saints, meditation is a way of calming the body and stilling the sou. Practical ways of using this discipline in our daily lives introduce us to a means of slowing down our living patterns as well as our heartbeat. Meditation can be accomplished in an office chair or in the wilderness.
  • “Angels in Our Lives” – The four seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter are represented by four Archangels who influence them and hold characteristics unique to each time of the year. We can use these seasons to better understand our mood swings and inspirations in the periods of our years.
  • “Aging Gracefully: Learning through Biblical Characters” – Four older adults in the Bible guide us to new understandings of how to age gracefully. The Prophetess Anna, the Prophet Elijah and the Couple Abraham and Sarah have unique lessons we can enlist in our lives as we grow older.
  • “Haiku Highlights” – a hands-on workshop where attendees learn about the ancient Japanese form of verse and its history. Following instruction and reading a few, the participants try their own hand at writing their own haiku.
  • “The Art of Bread Baking” – The fundamentals of bread baking and its biblical history are followed by creating two loaves of our own bread which can be taken home to rise and bake. Includes recipes and sourdough to take home to use again and again.